COVID-19 and your Taxes

As your inbox floods with emails announcing school closures, a falling stock market, and measures to self-quarantine, filing your taxes may have slipped your mind. While Coronavirus may affect many businesses, rest assured that DIY tax software, like TaxAct, will remain fully operational.

Due to mass business closures and concerns over COVID-19, murmurs of a tax filing extension are circulating. At this time, there has been no change to the April 15 filing deadline for federal income tax returns. A few states have extended their filing deadlines. Click here for updated information on those changes.  We are closely monitoring IRS announcements and will notify you if any other deadlines or other tax relief is extended.

For many, a tax refund is the biggest paycheck of the year, and we are not blind to that. TaxAct will remain open to continue helping filers complete their taxes. We anticipate no interruption of service due to the nature of our business and will continue helping you file your returns.

Check back here for continued updates.

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