Here’s what you can expect with our payroll processing and compliance service


The goal of payroll processing is to not only produce accurate paychecks, but deduct the required amount of payroll taxes; maintain records of payroll numbers; report those numbers on quarterly payroll tax returns and track line items such as PTO and Vacation time.


Our payroll processing prices are as follows:

Recurring fees for Payroll processing with choice of stub, check or direct deposit option

Stub/Checks - $3 per employee (EE)
Direct Deposit - $3 to process + $3 bank fee = $6 per EE

Quarterly payroll tax returns

$65 for 941, four recurring payments a year
$65 for DE9, four recurring payments a year
$65 for DE9C, four recurring payments a year

End of year payroll tax returns

$65 End of year W3/W2 reporting + $10 per W2, one-time payment
$65 End of year 940, one-time payment

One Time Set up fee

EFTPS (to register to pay IRS)- $100
94X (to e-file payroll forms) - $100
EDD Account Number Application - $100

Payroll initial set up (give me your EE's W4, QB file creation, data entry of W4 into the QB file) - $10 per EE, every time they add it's $10.


What’s included

1 Payroll Line Item – Most employers use this to include sick pay hours on their EE’s checks

Quarterly register - We will present these to you at the month following the end of each quarter.

NTV will produce a detailed payroll report that outlines how much each EE was paid and how much taxes was paid.

This register is valuable in the case you’re selected for a payroll audit or get audited for Worker’s Comp purposes

EIN - If we have to do it, it's $100



What we'll need:

EDD Power of Attorney form


NTV will need you to schedule your employee’s payday so that it’s at least 3 after the end of the previous pay period.

Example: If you issue weekly paychecks,


Sunday June 1st – Start of pay period
Monday June 2nd
Tuesday June 3rd
Wednesday June 4th
Thursday June 5th
Friday June 6th
Saturday June 8th – end of pay period


Email NTV your employee’s payroll hours

Sunday June 9th – DAY 1
Monday June 10th – DAY 2
Tuesday June 11th – DAY 3


NTV completes the processing of your payroll
Wednesday June 12th - Payday


Most companies require 7 days of advance notice. We only require 3 days.
Employers who fail to submit payroll numbers to NTV at least 72 hours in advance will incur an additional $2 fee per employee paycheck.



Additional payroll services


Simple Notice Resolution: $25/hour
Sometimes, the IRS does not know which pay period to apply your payroll tax payment. It rarely occurs and is no fault of NTV or the client, but the notice still needs to be responded to.


Advanced Notice Resolution: $85/hour
If you or your previous payroll provider made mistakes in the filing of payroll taxes, we can help correct the mistake, get the right amount of taxes paid, and get you back on track.


Manual processing of payroll payments: $20 each transaction
If you’re not signed up with the correct payroll tax entities to make electronic payments, we can manually process your payroll tax payments. This option is expensive and inefficient and is not recommended.


When adjustments are needed: $10 - $20
We can help you make a change of address, correct a payment amount, make payroll tax return amendments or paycheck adjustments.


Additional line items: $0.50 extra per item, per check
Payroll line items are used to track PTO, 401K, Pre-Tax Healthcare Deductions, Garnishments or a variety of other reasons where you may want to withhold additional money from an employee’s paycheck.