Tax Preparation

Here’s what you can expect with our personal tax return service

The goal of all personal tax returns is to pay the least amount of taxes possible. To get there, our accountant examines all aspects of the client’s situation to determine what can be written off.

All tax return processing includes:

Tax optimization consultation Safe digital record keeping of all tax related documents

Please call us with your tax documents in hand for accurate quotes! 

NTV charges by form and complexity of tax processing. Additional fees include but not limited to adding up receipts, additional bookkeeping, and or organizing tax documents. Call us for a quote on preparing your taxes. In addition, we provide tax relief services for cases where you’d like to make a request of the IRS to drastically lower the amount of taxes you allegedly owe.

Tax relief services starts at:

Example of some of our fees: Offer in Compromise - varies, $200 - $4,000 Penalty Abatement Requests - $50 - $500 Full/Partial Payment Installment agreement setup - $100 per agency request (includes IRS fees) We'd love to offer you an instant quote for tax relief services, but unfortunately this is one of those times where we'd have to review & research your documents first. Got questions call us at 619-280-6682