September 9, 2016


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By setting an appointment with NTV, whether through the online system or by other means, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions outlined in our service agreement



What NTV will need from you
Client will be solely responsible to supply the Tax Preparer all information, materials, data, and documents necessary and in a timely manner to perform the Services agreed under this Agreement. Client acknowledges and agrees that the accuracy of financial information supplied to Tax Preparer is the sole responsibility of the Client. Tax Preparer shall not be held responsible for the production of inaccurate financial statements, records and billings, or any other financial reports if the financial data submitted by the Client is inaccurate.

What NTV will do for you

The Tax Preparer hereby agrees to provide the following services to Client (the “Services”):

a) Consultative interview to determine tax needs of client
b) Direction on what documents to collect and provide
c) Professional tax preparation for the prior year

The Tax Preparer shall conduct the Services in accordance with specifications set by the Client and the Tax Preparer shall at all times observe and comply with generally accepted book keeping and accounting standards and comply with all federal and state laws or regulations applicable to this Agreement.


Payment and Scope of services
The scope of services provided in this agreement are limited to tax preparation service only. We do not provide legal and financial advice. There will be additional fees administered if the client needs to tax preparation for more than one year or requires substantial processing time for complex tax situations. Prices are based on our fee schedule, and NTV will do its best to communicate to our clients an estimated cost of services beforehand, although this may not be possible in all tax situations.


Independent Contractor
Tax Preparer shall provide the Services as an independent contractor and Tax Preparer shall not act as an employee, agent or broker of the Client. As an independent contractor, Tax Preparer will be solely responsible for paying any and all taxes levied by applicable laws on its compensation. Tax Preparer understands that Client will not withhold any amounts for payment of any taxes from Tax Preparer’s compensation.
Tax Preparer in the course of performing their service may gain access to certain confidential or proprietary information of the Client. Such “Confidential Information” shall include all information concerning the business, affairs, products, marketing, systems, technology, customers, end-users, financial affairs, accounting, statistical data belonging to the Client and any data, documents, discussion, or other information developed by Tax Preparer hereunder and any other proprietary and trade secret information of Client whether in oral, graphic, written, electronic or machine-readable form. The Tax Preparer agrees to hold all such Confidential Information of the Client in strict confidence and shall not, without the express prior written permission of client, (a) disclose such Confidential Information to third parties; or (b) use such Confidential Information for any purposes whatsoever, other than the performance of its obligations hereunder. The obligations under this Section shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement.
Original client records. This section authorizes NTV Accountants to open any documents the client sends to us. We offer to store any original documents we receive for up to one year at no charge, and our normal procedure is to return all original documents from the prior year by March 31 of the next year; shipping fees are the client’s expense.


(a) Either party may terminate this Agreement for convenience by providing thirty (30) days written notice (“Termination Notice”) to the other party.

(b) If a party violates its obligations to be performed under this Agreement, the other party may terminate the Agreement by sending a thirty (30) days’ notice in writing. Upon receiving such notice, the defaulting party shall have thirty (30) days from the date of such notice to cure any such default. If the default is not cured within the required thirty (30) day period, the party providing notice shall have the right to terminate this Agreement.

Any notices, bills, invoices, or reports required by this Agreement shall be deemed received on (a) the day of delivery if delivered by hand during receiving party’s regular business hours or by email before or during receiving party’s regular business hours; or (b) on the second business day following deposit in the United States mail.